Medical Mission II to Tamasi, Bacau County; June 16-18 2007

Post campaign:

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Our second medical mission was as successful as the first one. Over the course of two days we performed 191 consultations in Tamasi, a village with around 4,000 people. The team was composed of Radu Ciudin, M.D., Ph. D., Chief of Interventional Cardiology at Fundeni Hospital and member of faculty at ‘Carol Davila’ University of Medicine in Bucharest; Denisa Protopopescu, M.D., Ph.D., Obstetrics/Gynecology attending at Bucharest University Emergency Hospital and member of faculty at ‘Carol Davila’; Sorin Avramescu, M.D. and Dragos Zaharia, M.D., pulmonary residents at Marius Nasta Institute; Alexandru Crintea and Amaris Koga, students at ‘Carol Davila’; and Daniel Murariu, student at Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans.

The team provided countless electrocardiograms (EKGs), gynecological exams and spirometry studies, along with the specialty consultations. One patient was given a Holter monitor for analysis of the electric activity of his heart over 24 hours. Six cardiology patients required more indepth studies and will be scheduled in Bucharest, as well as two pulmonary and one gynecological patients.

The pathology was diverse and, like in Gioseni, there many diseases discovered for the first time and many chronic ones which we checked on. We, again, encountered a high frequency of hypertensive patients and infectious diseases, such as hepatitis B or C. We also had many Rroma (Gypsy) patients who presented with a variety of diseases common in this poor and underserved minority.

We again brought fruits and candy that were distributed to the patients or to the children at the kindergarten run by the sisters. A 200 RON donation to the kindergarten was made as a small gesture of thanks to the sisters for their hospitality. Medical supplies (such as gloves, bandages, scalpels, etc.) brought by Drs. Ciudin and Protopopescu were donated to Dr. Lucica Nazare, the family doctor that provided her clinic for our use.

The housing and food was once again provided by the Saint Charles Borromeo Monastery in nearby village of Gioseni. We kindly thank the sisters!

The two medical missions were funded by two grants of 750 RON (approximately $300) from Fundatia ‘Nicu Alifantis’ and DAL Health Management and Consulting SRL. Many thanks to our sponsors!