Visits to Sculeni; July 7th and July 20th, 2007

During our visit to Sculeni Medical-Social Unit, Iasi County, during Easter 2007, we were greatly impressed by the conditions found there and decided to continue helping the Unit. Therefore, on two visits during July 7th and 20th, the ‘Daniel Murariu’ Foundation tried to bring (more) joy to the residents.

The first time around, the 46 residents received a hot homemade meal, sweets (hopefully the diabetics were skipped) and fruits. Furthermore, every person received a packet with clothes that had been collected by Kirsten Sandlin in Bucharest. The visit was coordinated by Virginia Murariu and George Prisacaru with the kind help of Steluta Asmarandei, Eugenia Cohal and Virginia Musteata.

The follow up visit included handing out a small package consisting of bananas, soap and toilet paper to every resident that were donated by Virginia Murariu, Aurelia Popa and Janeta Tivlea. The Foundation provided the Sculeni hospital with random items (sink supports, screws, etc.) worth 300 RON (120 USD) for the installation of the 10 sinks that were previously donated by the Foundation in April 2007.

We kindly thank the people that helped us.

Unfortunately, no photographs are available from these two events.