Vizit to Sculeni Medical-Social Unit, Iasi County; May 5th, 2007

Post campaign:

On May 5th 2007 members of the Fundatia Daniel Murariu organized a trip to the Sculeni Medical-Social Community in Iasi County with twenty schoolchildren from the Prisacani School of Arts and Crafts, Iasi County. The children did a wonderful job of singing songs and reciting poems for the residents, followed afterwards by distributing individual care packages of fruit and goods for communal use. Following our return to Iasi, the schoolchildren were repaid with a visit to the Art and Culture Museum.

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The campaign was successful on many levels. Most importantly, the schoolchildren saw firsthand not only the sad conditions that the patients lived in, but also the joy they were able to bring by their small but deeply meaningful gesture. Our hope is that we help to plant in them the desire to reach out to the needy, to be next to those who have no one, to become citizens of a society which they help to make brighter and better. We need this in Romania and in the whole world!

The schoolchildren themselves were sensitized by their teacher, Mrs. Georgiana Nita, to the to the living conditions were likely to find at the Sculeni Medical-Social Community and gathered food products such as eggs, milk, flour, beans, etc. from parents, friends and relatives to donate. It was touching for the Asocitia Daniel Murariu members to see the involvement of the children.

The residents of the unit were visibly touched by the visit, and we were witnesses to both tears and smiles to the songs and poems, as well as the small care packages distributed by the schoolchildren. Unfortunately, due to space constraints and the fact that many of the residents were bedridden, some of the residents were forced to hear the festivities from their rooms. We were, of course, happy to be able to make a tangible difference in the living conditions by donating the ten new sinks and bedsheets.

At the end of the program and after the donations were deposited and papers finalized, the director of the Sculeni Community, Dr. Ioan Munteanu, gave us a more in-depth tour of the facilities, as well as showed us pictures of improvements they have made either by themselves or with the help of donations since he took over a year ago.

After the program at the Sculeni Medical-Social Community we returned to Iasi to the Palace of Culture where the Asocitia Daniel Murariu surprised the children and arranged a visit to the Art Museum on behalf of the Asociation.

In the afternoon, our team, together with the teachers Lyndsey Marcu and Karine Renaudin from the British School of Bucharest, went to Prisacani for a tour of the village and the school. The two teachers signed a partnership with the principal Mrs. Mariana Catrina, then presented a partnership certificate and discussed ways in which the schools could work together to provide beneficial exchange experiences for the students, including working on common projects.

The Fundatia members George Prisacaru, Amaris Koga and Daniel Murariu met with the two girls, Paula Axinte and Ana-Maria Vasiliu, for whom we will be providing scholarships beginning next academic year to attend high school in Iasi. Our scholarships include housing, food and school supplies, as these expenses are virtually impossible to support by families from the countryside. As there is no high school in the village, many children are thus forced to end their education to ten grades. We are pleased to be able to provide a bit of help to these talented and bright students!

For this campaign funds totaling approximately 1550 RON were spent on 10 sinks and associated accessories, 10 bedsheets, fruits (bananas, oranges and kiwis), renting a small bus to transport the children from Prisacani to Sculeni and back (approximately 100 kilometers/65 miles) and tickets to the Art Museum, and were provided in part by donations by Cristian Mititelu and Adina Chirita, M. D., Ph. D.


On the fifth of May, 2007, the ‘Daniel Murariu’ Association is organizing a visit to the Medical-Social Unit in Sculeni, Iasi Co., a unit which is home to 46 persons suffering not only from different mental and physical handicaps, but also completely lacking in social and financial resources.

The ‘Daniel Murariu’ Association, in collaboration with the School of Arts and Crafts from Prisacani, Iasi Co. and the British School of Bucharest, will present a short artistic program created for this purpose by the students of these two schools. After this activity, the students will distribute care packages with food donated by the sponsors of the ‘Daniel Murariu’ Association. In addition, ten new sinks will be installed and ten rows of bed-sheets will be donated for common use in the unit.

Our hope is not only to offer this small humanitarian gesture for those in need, but also to help these young students gain a new perspective on different social conditions, sometimes so tragic and devastating. At the same time, we want to draw the public’s attention toward this institute and its needs, including such a severe lack of funds that it has lead not only to very precarious in-house conditions, but also to the inability to pay employee wages for the past several months.

The students of the School of Arts and Crafts of Prisacani are under the supervision of teacher Georgiana Nita and those of the British School of Bucharest are led by teachers Lyndsey Marcu and Karine Renaudin. At the end of the morning’s activity, the students will deepen the friendship already created between the two schools (one from a capital city and one from a rural area) by spending the day together visiting museums in Iasi. We are following with interest this partnership mediated by our Association, manifested so far by the writing of pen-pal letters and by working on a common project, namely, that of writing and collecting support cards for a child terminally ill with leukemia in the USA.

This project is sponsored by donations from Cristian Mititelu and Adina Chirita, M. D., Ph. D.