Ana Maria Vasiliu – ‘Dumitru Bahrim’ Memorial Scholarship

memoria in aeterna

DUMITRU BAHRIM (b. October 25, 1935- d. December 11, 2004)


Dumitru Bahrim was born on October 25, 1935 in the village of Jigalia, Vaslui County, to Elena and Traian Bahrim. Like all sons of peasants, he followed primary and secondary school in his native village. Due to his intellectual curiosity and desire to continue his studies, he was able to attend the ‘Gheorge Rosca Codreanu Boys’ School in the city of Barlad, a school that is prestigious to this day.

In 1958 he graduated from the ‘Alexandru Ioan Cuza’ University in Iasi with a Bachelor’s of Science cum laude, which lead to him being enrolled as a researcher at the University’s Botanical Garden. The activity of Dumitru Bahrim did not end without an echo. He began a meticulous research of the study of plants. Soon, however, because of deteriorating eyesight he had to give up his research and subsequently began teaching Biology at the Prisacani School.

In 1961 he married Constanta Morar, a university classmate and teacher of biology; together they had two boys, both of which would later become physicians. Also in 1961 he successfully applied for the position of laboratory chief at the Department of Zoology at the Pedagogic Institute of Iasi. It was there that he began his graduate studies and became Assistant Professor. Dumitru Bahrim was characterized by strong analytical skills and his sample dissections were truly amazing. Together with Libertina Solomon he published a laboratory guide as well as other scientific material.

As his passion for scientific research intensified, his illness kept progressing and by the age of 35 his eyesight had seriously deteriorated. With great pain, Professor Bahrim gave up on a university career in 1973 and transferred to School Number 23, now ‘Titu Maiorescu,’ where he taught Biology until retirement. This major change, however, did not constitute a failure.

Because of his strong character, Dumitru Bahrim transformed this new move into a victory. He loved teaching children and he dedicated all his energy to helping the educational system and improving his school. Due to his dedication, his students participated at 6 phases of the Romanian National Olympics for Biology, where they obtained 6 special prizes and 5 other awards, leading School Number 23 to win first place in Iasi County. He also initiated and led the circle ‘Friends of Nature’ which helped fight for nature conservation. He also led many schoolwide biology expeditions. In 1980, after the first expedition, the ‘Zada’ team won second place nationwide and the prize the ‘Silver Compass.’ For the 18 years he spent at School Number 23 he was responsible for the Biology Cenacle for Iasi County and was the secretary of the Society of Biology Studies of Iasi.

His retirement lead him to return to his parents’ village where for eleven years he walked 8 kilometers daily to teach at the village school. Through valor, both professional and moral, Dumitru Bahrim was known amongst his colleagues, students and parents as the ‘Professor.’ He certainly fit that role, being both an educator and a researcher.

Dumitru Bahrim loved the Romanian village and its people, both simple peasants and intellectuals. He was quite proud of his roots and of the people that the Jigalia Valley had given birth to. He helped contribute to their popularity through several articles, including ‘The Village with Three Academicians,’ referring to the biologist Emil Racovita, the physician Grigore T. Popa and the historian Emil Condurache.

Dumitru Bahrim was a teacher that spent his life between ‘light and darkness.’ Deprived of physical light, he chose to spread light amongst the minds of his fellow people. In this regard, this scholarship honoring his memory and career will continue to seed light into the minds of young people.

Vasiliu Ana-Maria

Vasiliu Ana-Maria

2nd Prize – 5th Grade

1st Prize – 6th Grade

1st Prize – 7th Grade

Participation at the Romanian Language and Literature Olympics in 6th and 7th grades.

2nd Prize – Participation at the Religion Olympics – 5th grade

2nd Prize – Participation at the Religion Olympics – 6th grade