We are looking for sponsors for our scholarship recipients.

If you would like to help us with financial donations, services, supplies or your time, please contact us. None of the members of the Fundatia Daniel Murariu are paid and we have no overhead costs as we use our own supplies for the benefit of the organization.

Now you can donate 2% of your taxes to a non-profit organization you support as per Law nr. 571/2003 (only in Romania). The deadline is May 15th of every fiscal year. All the funds collected will go towards a scholarship to sustain a middle school student from the Prisacani School to attend high school in Iasi.The form needs to be turned in at the Public Financial Administration in your hometown or town where you work.

Our official data is:

Location: Iasi, Romania

Name: Asociatia Daniel Murariu

CIF: 19136136

IBAN account: RO42PIRB2400707032001000

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Address: The Daniel Murariu Foundation, 203 Half Moon Circle, Aurora, IL 60504, EIN# 26-0696106


– 2008 –

Siemens (with special thanks to Shane Williams, Warren Ybos and Stefan Buzica) – for donating the portable echocardiography system used by Dr. Mark Cassidy during our third medical mission.

General Electric – for donating the portable electrocardiogram hardware and software for our future medical missions.

– 2007 –

Romeu Murariu, PhD – thank you for paying for the Prisacani School of Arts and Crafts website (www.scoalaprisacani.ro).

Alpso Consulting Grup – Thank you for the redesign of our site.

Alpso Consulting Grup – Thank you for creating the Prisacani School of Arts and Crafts website (www.scoalaprisacani.ro).

DAL Health Management and Consulting SRL and manager Dan Lazarescu, MD – Thank you for purchasing the school supplies ($300) for three of our scholarship recipients.

Radu Ciudin, MD, PhD, Denisa Protopopescu, MD, PhD, Sorin Avramescu, MD, Dragos Zaharia, MD and Alexandru Crintea, soon to be MD – Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to come to Tamasi, Bacau County and perform free medical consultations. We appreciate your dedication to the medical mission!

Miron Bogdan, MD, PhD – Thank you for your support of our medical mission and allowing two of your residents to come with us. Also, thanks for letting us borrow the spirometry machine.

Bucharest University Emergency Hospital and the general manager Gheorghe Iana, M.D., Ph.D. – Thank you for your help in our Medical Missions and for letting us borrow an ultrasound machine.

Radu Ciudin, M.D., Ph.D.- Thank you for your help in organizing the Gioseni Medical Mission, letting us borrow an EKG machine and for the toys and chocolates donated to the kids at the Gioseni Monastery.

Drs. Adina Chirita, Constantin Creanga and Bogdan Dorobat- Thank you for accepting our challange to participate in a medical mission and for your hard work!

Adina Chirita, M.D., Ph. D.- 200 RON donation towards our campaign at the Medical-Social Community in Sculeni, Iasi County.

DAL Health Management and Consulting SRL and the administrator Dr. Dan Lazarescu – 750 RON towards our medical missions.

Fundatia Nicu Alifantis – 750 RON- in support of the Medical Mission to Gioseni village, Bacau County.

Old Court Rotary Club Bucharest – for the kind permission to present our projects and for the support given by members to several of our projects.

Razvan Botezatu, Esq. – for the free legal assistance.

Cristian Mititelu – 3500 RON donation toward any of our projects.

– 2006 –

SC. Dava Ricona – 1000 RON donation toward any of our projects.

Blood drive participants and sponsors

Christmas presents donated to schoolchildren from the Prisacani school

www.ele.ro, www.acasa.ro and www.bloombiz.ro – Thank you for hosting free advertisements for our Blood Drive Campaign!