Our Mission

The idea for this organization grew out of a realization that I had come to many years ago: if you want something done, stop waiting around and start acting! Returning every year to Romania, I realized the need for change with each subsequent visit. I began seeing things that I took for granted and that others were deprived of, and this was part of what determined me to take a stand.

For a long time, I wondered how I could help gifted children from rural areas continue to go to school because their parents could not afford the extra expense to continue their education. I wondered what I could do for the the elderly either abandoned by their families or simply impoverished and living out their remaining years in complete indecency and humility in public retirement communities. How could I fight the apathy engulfing civil society towards volunteer work for the greater good? How could I help to initiate a change in the mentality of people toward one of openess, tolerance, and generosity?

It is because of all these reasons that this organization was born. We will not be able to solve all of the country’s problems, but our aim is simply to give as much as we can and inspire others to do the same.

Daniel Murariu, M.D., M.P.H.