Ronald H. Pine Scholarship

Ad honorem

RONALD H. PINE (b. February 15, 1938)


Dr. Ronald H. Pine was born on February 15, 1938, in Lawrence, Kansas. He graduated from the University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, in 1960 with a BA in zoology. He received an MS in zoology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, in 1962 and a Ph.D. in wildlife science from Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, in 1968.

During the period 1967-1973, Dr. Pine served as a curator of mammals at the Smithsonian Institution. In 1973-1985, he was a professor of ecology and environmental studies at George Williams College, then in Downers Grove, IL, and in 1986, he was employed as an adjunct instructor in biology at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL. He was variously employed by the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy in Aurora, IL, during 1987-2003 as a Member of the Integrated Science Faculty, as Resident Scientist, and as Instructor of Biology. In addition to his efforts in education, Dr. Pine has engaged in biological field work in various countries on five continents, and has published numerous scholarly articles, mostly on Latin American mammals.

As an educator, Dr. Pine’s endeavors were quite varied, ranging from the conventional to teaching courses in a special program designed for National Park Service naturalists to get Master’s degrees in natural history interpretation, co-conducting Costa Rican and Virgin Islands college credit field courses for high school students, and supervising serious scientific research by secondary school students. Several students won awards for their research, including the Westinghouse competition.

He has two daughters and a granddaughter living in Los Angeles, California.

In his retirement, Dr. Pine has moved back to Lawrence, Kansas, where he was born, spent much of his childhood, and received his undergraduate education.