Blood Drive Iasi; Nov. 2nd, 2006

Post campaign:

We recently finished a blood drive and fundraising campaign for a public retirement community in Iasi in between the 2nd and the 4th of November.

We had 30 people who contributed to this campaign, 24 who donated blood and/or food coupons and 6 who donated money. We raised the equivalent of 1000 RON (comprised of food coupons and cash) that was used to purchase various food items that were made into care packages and distributed to the 150 residents of the ‘Sfintii Constantin si Elena’ public retirement community.

For a list of those who participated in the campaign click here. For pictures from our campaign, click here We were also featured in several local newspapers and a TV station. For more on this, visit click here.

We thank everyone involved in the project. If you have suggestions on how to improve it for next time, please email us at dmurariu[ at ]

We are currently working on a similar campaign in Bucharest; dates and places have yet to be arranged.

We are also planning to repeat the campaign in Iasi sometime early next year.


Campaign for Blood Donation Nov. 2-3 and Visit to ‘Azilul Sf. Constantin si Elena’ Nov. 4 in Iasi. Similar campaign will be held in Bucharest during Nov. 16-18, more details will be added in a few days.

Many people do not know, but there is a shortage of blood components throughout Romania. In cities that serve as regional centers for more complicated interventions, such as Bucharest or Iasi, the shortage is even more acute. It is our civic duty to donate blood as the lives of those in hospitals, strangers, friends or relatives, depend on it.

Come on Nov 2nd (Thursday) or 3rd (Friday) 2006 from 8 AM to 1 PM to ‘Centrul de Transfuzie Sanguina Iasi’ Str. Nicolae Balcescu, nr. 21, next to Spiridon Hospital. Please have your Identity Card with you! Also, if you had a chest Xray done in the past year, please bring the results or the radiograph if you have them.

Once you donate blood you will receive:

  • food coupons worth 30 RON
  • 50% off RATC for two months
  • two days off from work
  • mini-physical (blood pressure, temperature, pulse, hematocrit (red blood cells count to ensure it is safe for you to donate blood), glucose level, and screening tests for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, HTLV).

Nonetheless, we ask you to take your good deed further and donate your food coupons which will be used to purchase food products for the 150 residents of ‘Azilul Sf. Constantin si Elena’ vis-a-vis Sala Polivalenta. We also would like to request for anyone to help us when we purchase the food products as well as donating them to the residents on November 4 at 1 PM. We will also surprise the residents with a television set to replace the one that broke several weeks ago!!

The donation of your food coupons is voluntary, but we urge you at least to donate blood! Fundatia Daniel Murariu will provide cookies and drinks for you at the site.

Here are some facts about blood donation:

  • 450 ml will be collected (a normal healthy person has around 5 L of blood)
  • persons with O- blood type are universal donors, meaning in case of emergencies when the blood type is not known anyone will be able to receive O- blood; O+ can be donated to 85% of people
  • the major components of blood are plasma (55%), red blood cells (45%), white cells and platelets ( less than 0.5%); each of these components are separated and used for different patients meaning that your donation can save up to three lives!
  • donated blood components have to be used within several weeks meaning a constant supply is needed!
  • all instruments used are ‘single use only’ made in France, Switzerland and Belgium so there is no risk of contamination to you!

Unfortunately, you will not be able to donate blood if you:

  • weigh less than 55 kg
  • your hemoglobin is less than 12.5 for women and 13.5 for men (anemia)
  • have had hepatitis B or C, syphilis, HIV, HTLV, tuberculosis, Chagas
  • have traveled in a malaria endemic country in the past 6 months
  • have had surgical or dental work requiring blood transfusions in the past year

but we would appreciate it if you let your friends and family know about this campaign!

Your donation could save up to