Christmas Caroling with the Prisacani Children Church Choir; Dec. 24th, 2007

Following the Christmas celebration at the Prisacani school, the husband and wife pair and local teachers, Claudiu and Georgiana Nita, invited Daniel Murariu alongside while they lead the Prisacani Children Church Choir carol fellow citizens of Prisacani.

The yearly event is a way to raise money for a specific cause (in years past, the local church received the funds to help paint it). Some of the children went along with the teacher, Georgiana, Nita, to the Sculeni Medical-Social Unit (SMSU), an institution for physically and mentally disabled, and abandoned old folks, during an event organized by the Daniel Murariu Foundation during Easter 2007 and were impressed by the conditions found there. Therefore they decided that the money raised will be donated to the Daniel Murariu Foundation to be used in a future event benefiting the SMSU.

The children sang incredibly well and, despite the frigid cold weather, over 6 hours until 10 PM! Their dedication was matched by the generosity of those being caroled and the children raised 1250 RON (~500 USD)!

We kindly thank the children and the Nita family for inspiring the children to become involved in such a worthy cause!

For photographs from the event please click HERE or go to our Gallery page. To hear and see the children sing please click on the following links: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, or go to our videos under in the Gallery section.