Prisacani School of Arts and Crafts, Iasi County

We will work with two schools, one in the village of Prisacani, Iasi and another in the village of Dragalina, Botosani. These schools were chosen for the simple reason that some of the founding members have relatives in these villages and it is easy for the members to maintain regular contact with the school officials. Furthermore, it also acts as means of appreciation to the schools that have educated out parents.

Scoala de Arte si Meserii Prisacani, Iasi

The school in Prisacani is called ‘Scoala de Arte si Meserii’ (School of Arts and Crafts) and has 231 students in grades I through X.

Click here for more information on our Christmas Celebration Party and Donation of Presents

The requests of the school include:

  • laptop to use for a newly purchased video projector
  • a stereo for foreign language classes – DONATED by Fundatia DANIEL MURARIU
  • non-slipping linoleum for the school’s gymnasium; the gym has 140 square meters
  • various supplies for competitions or art classes (40 paintbrushes, 40 tempera)
  • 700 euros to purchase upgrades for Pionier version 4.2.389 (for public institutions with January 12, 2005 updates), a computer program to ease the accounting process
  • 2 licenses for XP and Office (Professional version)
  • a total of 30 T-shirts for the handball tournament for three teams of ten players each
  • presents for the Christmas party- DONATED by Fundatia DANIEL MURARIU- click here

We also plan to have an oral hygiene campaign. Several dental school students from Iasi have agreed to come and speak to the students about the importance of a good oral hygiene. We are still trying to locate donors for 231 toothbrushes and toothpaste; if you have any suggestions, please contact us at dmurariu[ at ]

General repairs are warranted as well, but at the present time they are beyond our financial means; click here to see some of the buildings. The school is below street level and with a very small foundation, which makes it liable to damage from the trepidation caused by cars and trucks driving in front of the school.

We are currently working with the British School of Bucharest to achieve some of the above aims. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Scoala Primara Dragalina, Botosani

We have not yet finalized the ways to help out the school in Dragalina.

Furthermore, it is also a show of appreciation to the schools that have educated our parents.