Donations to Prisacani School; July 24th, 2007

On July 24th, the ‘Daniel Murariu’ Foundation, represented by its Honorary President, Virginia Murariu, went to the Prisacani School of Arts and Crafts to donate 600 kilograms (1320 pounds) of cement. The material was used in the school gymnasium to level the floor so a floor mat donated by a foundation in Holland could be put to use. The material was worth 380 RON (165 USD).

The Foundation also donated 198 books and 2 puzzles collected by Oana Calcan and British School of Bucharest to the school’s library.

During the same visit, 10 needy children from the village received clothes and toys that were collected by Kirsten Sandlin in Bucharest.

We kindly thank Oana Calcan, Kirsten Sandlin and British School of Bucharest teachers and staff for their gestures.

For photographs of the school gymnasium and children who received clothes and toys, please click HERE